4 Types of Gemstones Found In Custom Jewelry

For those interested in buying custom jewelry or learning more about the jewels and gems already in their possession, it is important first to get acquainted with the types of gemstones available on the market. From the all-natural to the lab-created, read on for an educational introduction to the world’s gems. It is advisable to contact a jewelry-maker or gemologist for more detailed information on stones.

Naturally-Occurring Gemstones

As their name suggests, natural gemstones occur naturally through geologic processes and are not created in a lab. Different natural gemstones are found in different areas and climates and are mined around the world. Some natural gemstones can be treated or enhanced using heat or other methods to improve characteristics such as color.

Laboratory-Created Gemstones

Laboratory-created gemstones, also called lab-grown, manufactured, or synthetic gemstones, have nearly identical physical, chemical, and optical properties to natural gemstones. However, as human-made creations, laboratory-created gemstones do not have the rarity or inherent value of naturally-occurring gemstones. Thus, custom jewelry made from laboratory-created gemstones is often significantly less expensive than that made from their naturally-occurring equivalents. For those curious about the origins of gems in their possession, it is advisable to take the piece to a professional gemologist who will be able to identify its source through proper testing accurately.

Imitation Gemstones

Like laboratory-created gemstones, imitation gemstones are also human-manufactured. However, unlike some laboratory-created gemstones, imitation stones resemble natural gemstones in appearance only. Some common imitation gemstones include cubic zirconium, tinted glass, or other material that resembles natural gemstones when treated. As with other lab-created stones, imitation gemstones can be easily identified by a professional gemologist.

Enhanced or Treated Gemstones

An enhanced or treated gemstone is a stone that has undergone synthetic alteration to improve is appearance, durability, or color. Both naturally-occurring and laboratory-created gemstones can be strengthened or treated. In fact, a majority of gemstones on the market today are treated in some way. Depending on the type and quality of the treatment, and the date when it was performed, some gemstone enhancements may lessen or change with time-and many also require special care. As with any human interference, gemstone enhancements affect the value of a given gemstone, and should always be disclosed by a reputable gem or custom jewelry seller.

Learn More About Custom Jewelry And Gemstones

For those curious about the physical and chemical makeup and origins of the stones in their gems, there are two ways of finding answers. One method is to contact a jewelry maker directly. Any legitimate custom jewelry maker will be forthcoming about the contents of their products. However, for those who want a second opinion (or a first opinion, as is often the case with gifted and inherited items) about their jewelry and gemstones, one of the best solutions is to pay a visit to a certified gemologist who can put the stones through professional testing to accurately identify their origins.

One of These Watches May Be Just What You Need

JLC watches are amazing and they last a very long time. They are a practice way to tell time but also a lovely piece to wear on your wrist. There are products for men and for women you can consider. You may be shopping for a watch for yourself or you may be interested in one to offer as a gift. Regardless of who it is for, you can’t go wrong with this particular brand!

This brand has a strong reputation as it continues to get better and better over time. The best of technology and the very best materials are combined to create them. Being able to own something so impressive and long lasting is something many consumers are excited about. They don’t want to pay for a watch and then have to replace it in a short span of time.

Leather Band

JLC watches feature a leather band that is durable but not heavy. If you are worried about a watch being an anchor or your wrist, you can forget about that situation. The leather is offered in various colors including black, dark brown, and light brown. Select the one you will enjoy the most.

The bands on JLC watches are very comfortable too. They aren’t going to dig into your skin or be too loose. You can adjust it to fit your wrist perfectly. Over time, your fit may change and you will appreciate being able to adjust it with ease.

Round or Triangle Face

Another feature you can pick from with JLC watches is the shape of the face. Most of them offered are the typical round look. However, they also feature several choices with a rectangle option. This can make your item more unique and personal than what you see people wearing all around you.

The background colours of the face are also something you may have a preference with. There are JLC watches featuring a white background area or a dark black one. It is a personal choice of what you enjoy looking at. No matter which one you select, you will have a delightful timepiece you enjoy wearing.

You may decide you would like to try on several to see the differences in shape and the face background before you buy one. Don’t be in a rush to make your choice, spend time really evaluating the features, overall appearance, and the amount of money you wish to spend for it.


Consider your investment for this type of watch to be one that will pay for itself over time. This is a watch you are going to love wearing all the time. It is going to last for decades and it isn’t going to easily show any signs of wear or damage. The hardest part is going to be deciding on just one of them to call your own!

Be selective about where you buy JLC watches though as there are some great looking fakes out there. It will be upsetting to realise you paid for an imitation when you thought you were paying for the real thing. If an offer seems too good to be true, you need to question why they are offering it for that price.

Look for distinct markings or have an expert at a jewellery shop evaluate it before you buy it from someone who doesn’t have a solid reputation. If they aren’t willing to allow for that evaluation to be conducted, don’t waste any more time with them. Most providers are offering the real deal and they aren’t going to take advantage of you but just be on the lookout.

The Best Aviation Watches

Breitling is a long-time leader when it comes to the best aviation watches out there. They are well known for overall quality and precision. It is also considered a prestigious item to own and many people wear it with pride. They are Swiss made with the very best parts and quality. Every single one of them is tested before it can be purchased. They are the only company to do so!

Quality and Precision

There is no mass production when it comes to Breitling watches. They are carefully made with attention to all of the small details. Only the very best materials are used to create them. Employees have to be very skilled and dedicated to the business and the product being created. It can be difficult to get hired to make these products because of the reputation they have.

They want every single person involved with creating Breitling watches to add to that reputation rather than tarnish it. These are sturdy products and also water resistant. They can last for decades so they are considered to be a very good investment.

Swiss Made

The professionally made Breitling watches are Swiss made. The production of various items is limited. This is due to the amount of time it takes to create them and the cost of such a watch. They make wonderful gifts and they are a treasure to get for yourself when you have worked hard and what something great to show for it.

There are plenty of cheap imitations out there, so you have to be careful. Don’t think you just got a wonderful deal on this brand of watch. Only to discover later that it looks similar but it isn’t the real deal. Familiarise yourself with the telling signs of this brand including the way the logo looks and where it located.


Breitling is the only company among its competitors with rigorous testing in place. They test every single item to make sure it looks amazing, all of the functions work, it fits correctly, and there aren’t any flaws. This takes time but it shows the dedication this company puts into their finished products.

Any item that has a flaw during the testing stage will never go out to a customer. The quality has to be there and they stand by it. Anyone who buys this type of watch knows the reputation of this company and its integrity.
Prestigious Item to Own

Due to the overall quality of Breitling watches, they are very prestigious to own. Many people wear them proudly. They can be worn daily or they can be saved for special occasions. Some individuals collect them. Some of the older models are worth a considerable amount of money. They can cost more than buying a brand new one!

They are offered in a variety of styles and colours to choose from. The face may be a different colour than the hands that go around it. You can choose from a link style of band or one that is made from leather. All of them are very comfortable and they can be adjusted for the perfect fit. It isn’t uncommon for these items to be handed down over generations in families.

No matter which one you buy or what you get as a gift, it is going to hold up over time. It is going to be a wonderful item you are proud to own. For collectibles, there are cases that allow you to keep them safe. Yet you can also put them on display to enjoy and to show to others.

One of the Best Watch Brands for Women

Cartier watches are lovely pieces of art, and women enjoy wearing them. Not only are the a terrific timepiece, they can be a great accessory for an outfit or an occasion. They are higher priced but the overall value is there. Wearing one can also be considered a status symbol. You can’t go wrong owning one or giving it to a special lady in your life as a gift.

These are unique watches too, so you aren’t going to be wearing something you see on everyone else out there. It is fun to have a great item that stands out from the crowd. It will get attention though so be ready for the plentiful compliments.


The selection is wonderful when it comes to Cartier watches for women. There are round faces and oval faces to select from. Some are larger and others are dainty. Some have a link style of band and others are made from leather. Finding the right item that you really enjoy is important. After all, this is an investment in a product that is going to last a long time!

You want to be happy with it every time you look at it. Think about when you will wear it the most to help you with the decision. Some women want one they can wear daily with any style of clothing. Others are looking for one to keep put away and to take out for a special occasion. There is no right or wrong options though, they are all amazing and it is a personal choice!

If you consider one of the Cartier watches for a woman in your life, think about your personality, the colours she likes, and other factors. This will help you to narrow it down and select one she loves to wear. She will be delighted that you got her such a thoughtful and amazing gift. She is sure to think of you when she puts it on!


In addition to the originality offered with all Cartier watches for women, you can’t go wrong with the quality either. They are well made with the right materials and consistently perform. This isn’t a product you will be disappointed with or have problems with. It is going to stand up to the test of time and still look great a long time down the road.

The types of materials the item will be made from depends on which one you decide you want to purchase. No matter what you get though, you can feel confident it has been inspected and all of the details are going to work on it. Don’t settle for a cheaply made item when you can own one of these top of the line Cartier watches.


A common complaint from many women is their watch doesn’t fit well. It can dig into the skin or it is too loose so it spins around. It may be too heavy due to the materials it is made from. You will be happy to learn Cartier watches are also very comfortable. You can wear it all day long and it is going to feel just as great as it did when you put it on.

They are designed for the contours of a woman’s wrist area. They can also be adjusted so you get the perfect fit for your needs. It can be adjusted later on too if you need it to be larger or smaller. This is important so you can feel great about your purchase and know it is going to fit you well no matter how much time goes by or how much your body changes.

The Benefits of Owning a Prestigious Watch

Cartier watches are considered among the most prestigious you can own! No matter which style you prefer, they are all well made and they are going to last for decades. They are considered collectibles and family heirlooms too. They never lose their value, and many of them actually increase in value as time goes by.


The money spent on any of the great Cartier watches is an investment. You will have a timepiece to wear to keep track of time and be where you need to be as scheduled. With the busy lifestyle that most people have, being as efficient as possible is important. Such a watch can be a sign of status and accomplishment too. People will be impressed by that accessory you wear.

Business Status

The impression you make when it comes to promoting your business and career path is very important. People are looking at how you are dressed, how you speak, and how you carry yourself. When they see Cartier watches on the wrist of a potential business entity, it sends a message that this is someone who has done well for themselves.

This can further give them the impression it is a good idea to do business with that individual. The mindset is there is no way they would be able to wear a watch like that if they weren’t great at what they do and how they do it. They wouldn’t have the income from that career to be able to spend funds on such a timepiece.

Unique Look

While Cartier watches have longevity, they aren’t an item everyone is able to wear due to the cost. As a result, when you have one, you can create a unique look with it. Not only will it be classy and beautiful, but you may be one of the few at a given location that has one on. Since there are many collections and styles for both men and women, you can get the look you love.

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to design, style, and fit. It makes sense to get a timepiece that holds up well but also looks perfect for you. It can be interesting to see what people wear on their wrist in this regard as it speaks volumes about their personal sense of style and overall preferences.
You Earned it

You shouldn’t feel guilty either when it comes to buying Cartier watches. You have earned it through your hard work and dedication to your career. You work hard day after day and you deserve to have some nice things to show for it. This is one great item you can buy for yourself that may not be a necessity, but you are going to love wearing it!

Cartier watches also make amazing gifts for someone you love and care about. They are going to appreciate the time you spent picking out a great watch that is perfect for them. They are going to be in awe that you spent that amount of money on them too. It is going to be a gift they wear often and they will always treasure because it came from you.

Perhaps it was a reward for years of hard work at your job and now you are planning to retire. It may be a delightful anniversary gift to celebrate a milestone in that adventure. Once you have such a timepiece, you are going to take very good care of it. They are designed to last for decades so it may be the last timepiece you ever need.

Longines La Grande Classique Watches – Representing Creativity

Highlighting classic flavor with innovative ideas:

Cultivating all the aspects of authentic production, watches of this vintage glorifies the wrists of the wearers who acknowledge accuracy. With the brand’s anniversary, it has achieved many feats. So, to commemorate those achievements in a celebrative mood, you need a La Grande Classique watch. Its slim structure is made wonderful with the addition of the specially constructed case.

Elegance is the main focus of the brand, and watches of this magnetic collection are not other than that. It consists of watches that are made considering the tastes of young generation but also maintains its quality that has given it so much popular among the watch lovers.

Offering watches for men as well as women:

Longines La Grande Classique collection comprise of excellent watches that are made for men as well as women.

La Grande Classique for Men:

The name of this Longines watch line has been originated from France, so the watches of this collection also have the expertise that the French have in them. Every single piece from this family looks like a jewellery piece. It gives utmost pleasure to the wearer. Their slim surface is supported by gleaming and powerful steel case. Other than this, gold plated case increases the worth of the piece and also glows at the wearer’s wrist. The steel and rose gold PVD case of the watches give an enchanting and aroma that is sufficient to allure the watch lovers. Gold PVD stainless steel case maintains the sparkling glow as well as gives durability to the watches.

Along with the usual round patterned case, these watches are also available with the tonneau shaped cases. This is an example of the brand’s exceptional thought process. Dials have been decorated with multitude of diamonds. Diamond is a worthy gem that assists in intensifying the status of a watch wearer. Several colours like mother of pearl, black, white, silver and gold have been used to varnish the dials and make them ideal for the watch lovers of different taste. Black is a masculine colour that is ideal for those men who are fearless.

Straps hold the case tightly. They are made with gold plated, leather, stainless steel and two-tone materials. The gold plated strap spreads the golden essence to the wrist of a wearer. Leather built straps are coloured in black. It gives longevity and tactility to the watches. Stainless steel is the common material that has been implemented to some of the models so that they become sturdy and twinkles at the wrist of a wearer.

Both automatic and quartz movement has been offered with these watches. Most of the La Grande Classique men’s watches are loaded with quartz movement, while some models are offered with automatic watches. 30 metres water resistance is one of the most important qualities that these watches contain. It helps them to become water proof. Date display counter is available in some of the watches. It gives updated time to the wearers and is placed at the right side of the dial. Most of these pieces have analogue display system. These type of watches contain hands to give time accurately.

La Grande Classique for Women:

Charismatic women’s watches from this Longines collection have small dials that have been embellished with brilliant artistry so that they can increase the appeal of a lady watch user. Like the men’s watches, women’s watches also have tonneau shaped dials. It presents uniqueness in watch designing.

Dials are painted with a list of colours like champagne, blue, black, white, grey and mother of pearl. Watch dials that are polished in blue gives a sporty look, the black dial included models give a powerful presentation. White coloured watch dials brings out a crystal clear attitude and glows at the wrist of the user. Grey dial is the most attractive one because of its rich essence that makes the watches grand. Champagne is a new colour that has been added to decorate the watch dials, while mother of pearl watch dial reflects the attitude of a tender woman.

30 to 50 metres water resistance quality of these models ensures them from any kind of risk caused by water. Date display function is available in some of the pieces under the La Grande Classique collection. It shows the current date to the wearers and is placed at the right side of the dial.